Fred Hunter Mar 2012
Walking into Fred's trainroom and you know it's going to take a while to see everything because there is so much going on. Fred's large high rail layout runs MTH and Lionel command control trains on multiple levels. His interesting track design is enhanced with many interesting buildings, bridges, a very large roundhouse, spacious train yards and scenic landscaping. Fred's beautiful collection of pre-war and postwar trains fill the trainroom's walls.
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Gary Varner Sept 2011
Gary’s trainroom walls are lined with postwar Lionel and they make a colorful backdrop to his operating layout.  Gary runs everything in his collection and operates in conventional mode using his transformers for control.  Hanging from the ceiling are beautifully detailed model aircraft that represent some WWII era, modern Air Force and even some Star Trek spacecraft. His layout can run multiple trains that travel through scenic tree lined mountains, industrial sidings and colorful towns.
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Gerry Klei Sept 2011
This page displays Gerry's model of St. Peter's Basilica. While it is not really train related, I thought it worthy of our web page and something worthwhile to share with our readers.
Nice job Gerry!
Marty Wik May 2009
Marty Wik' s train collection consists of trains in all gauges. He collects Standard gauge, Lionel postwar 'O' gauge and lots and lots of 'S' gauge. He chose 'S' gauge for his operating layout and has created a very interesting track design. His train travels from a lower level to an upper level and back again. Through tunnels and over moutains while passing industrial areas and scenic vistas. Along his trainroom walls, he displays some very nice Standard gauge and O gauge postwar trains.
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Bob Herman June 2008
Bob Herman is a collector and restorer of tinplate trains. He recently took down his old layout and constructed a new one. His “new” layout is a well designed walk in style running pre-war O gauge trains. One stand out is Bob’s scratch built monorail train that circles the room along the ceiling. Bob’s fine examples of his restoration skills include some standard gauge Lionel stations that are scattered around the layout. The walls around the layout are also filled with any restored and original pre-war tinplate trains.
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Angelo Lautazi Feb 2010
Angelo has built an O gauge Hi-rail layout on two levels with future expansion for a lower subway line. There is also an On30 upper loop and an O gauge Trolley line running on ETS trolley track. The locomotives are controlled with the MTH DCS system but most of the rolling stock is Lionel. Lionel and MTH operating accessories are everywhere with visitors able to activate them with convenient push button switches.
Great details have been put into his cityscape scenes and include many buildings built from kits. Lots of vehicles and figures make the scenes come to life.. So come in and take a look around.
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Peter Atonna
Phx Layout
Apr 2008
Peter has created a very attractive layout in a small space with two levels of O gauge on Lionel FasTrack. An interesting track design amid some very nice looking landscaping keeps a visitor fixed on the action. Peter is using Lionel TMCC as his controls and some Dept 56 to populate his towns. A highlight is a Lionel tugboat “floating” in a nicely done water scene.
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Sam McElwee Mar 2009
This is the second visit to Sam's layout and much progress has been completed. Sam's layout is in the Hi-Rail style and his scenery is well done. He runs some nice William's engines over his well constructed Gargraves track work. Sam is still working toward completion but everything is running smoothly and Sam enjoys sharing his layout with fellow club members.
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Tom Stange Sept 2007
When you enter Tom's train room you don't know where to look first. His layout is huge and he runs many set at once. There is Pre-war Standard gauge and O gauge, Postwar and Modern O gauge running on the tracks and covering his walls. His display shelving lines his four walls and is filled with treasures Tom has accumulated over the years. Tom likes to run his trains fast,so some photos of the speeding trains may appear slightly blurred. But you can take your time and enjoy the tour!
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Dave Brown June 2007
Dave's trainroom may be small but his layout is very BIG on detail. His modern era trains pass by highly detailed buildings where Dave has even done some interiors. His sidewalk curbs even have sewer grates. This is a great looking layout, nice work Dave!
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John Bahne May 2007
John's current layout is narrow gauge O scale. It runs O scale trains on HO track. John uses lots of vehicles and people. His use of scratch built structures and water add unique features to this very well landscaped layout.
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Paul Wassermann April 2007
& 1999  
Paul's layout is a large colorful toy train style which includes standard gauge and O gauge pre-war and post war trains.  Paul also keeps a small layout that he incorporates with Dept 56 buildings and is currently set up as a winter scene. 
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Bob Keller 2007 
Bob has managed to cram a lot of action in a small space.  He has an O gauge and a G gauge train suspended from the ceiling and circling the room.  They traverse bridges and pass building fronts and accessories. The main layout has modern O gauge trains winding through an intricate track layout on two levels. Bob's use of  Dept 56 buildings and people make for a whimsical toy train experience.
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Don Locke 2003

Don’s trainroom is a fine example of how to do an exciting layout in a small space.  Don’s multi-level design has both O gauge and Standard gauge Lionel trains running on an interesting track plan. There is also an O gauge loop running up near the ceiling that circles the room.  A nice selection of Lionel accessories, including a Hells Gate bridge, are attractively placed around the layout.  Thanks for sharing your layout Don.

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