The Next Auction is Now scheduled for:

March 2, 2024

at the

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church.

4455 E Lincoln Dr. Paradise Valley

Open at 8 am for Viewing.

Auction starts at 9 am.

We apologize for the last minute date change but the Church needed the hall and we had to adapt to the change.

Auction Catalog for the March 2nd Auction.

The Catalog has all the auction details and a map to the auction location.

Please note that a downloaded catalog does not entitle you to a bidders card. You will need to purchase a bidders card for $5.00.

Thank you.

Map of Paradise Valley United Methodist Church


Do you have a Train Collection to Sell? Ever consider an Auction?

The Desert Division has been selling trains and collections in the Phoenix area for over thirty years.At first these were small private affairs open only to our members, but have now grown to large public events held several times a year. Offering a very attractive commission rate to our consignee’s and no Buyers Premium to the purchasers, our auctions continue to be the place for families and friends to turn to when dealing with the daunting task of selling excess inventory or complete collections. It is also a great place to look for new trains either as a beginning operator or someone looking to add additional items to their present collection.  

WHY SHOULD YOU CONSIDER AN AUCTION? We have worked closely with estates and family trusts in offering solutions to their needs when selling blindly through Craig’s List or want ads might not be in their best interests. If you do not have any idea on the true value of the estates trains, why take offers? How can you be sure the offer truly represents honest and fair value for your trains? If the buyers intends to resell your trains he must build in a certain profit margin, and you lose value. Likewise the time to photograph and advertise with online resources such as eBay often results in mixed results and the hassle of packaging and shipping the numerous items. By offering you free storage until the auction you can clear much needed space and concentrate on items you are more familiar with. Don’t put trains in an estate sale when they can be auctioned to train people by experts that have been conducting train auctions in the Phoenix area for over three decades. Avoid strangers knocking on your door from a Craig’s List or Want Ad, and instead deal with a nationally recognized non-profit organization founded by train collectors. It is in our best interest to see you get the top dollar for your trains; after all, our commission is based on that. 

What can we offer and do for you?
AS A BUYER, you will be notified in advance of all our auctions. We hold several auctions every year. Some are casual impromptu affairs lasting only a few hours. Others are special auctions in which we advertise nationally, print a catalog, and contain over 400 lots lasting two days. You can actually see and inspect the merchandise in person prior to bidding. Admission is $5 or free with the purchase of a catalog and best of all, THERE IS NO BUYER’S PREMIUM. What you bid is what you pay!  Obviously, as with any auction it is Caveat Emptor and all sales are final. But we will have several members of TCA Standards Committee available to answer any question you might have. Join the fun of a live toy train auction by joining the fun at our next event. We take cash, checks from TCA members or we can process a debit card in lieu of a check if you are not, VISA, MASTERCARD, and American Express.  

AS A SELLER, after you sign the consignment form and provide us with your inventory, we will schedule an auction as quickly as possible but when it is best for you to capitalize on an active buying audience. In Phoenix that usually translates from November until April, when out of state visitors join the mix while they are in town for the holidays, golf tournaments, car auctions and of course Spring Training. If we notice high value items in your collection we can offer several alternates that might suit your situation better. At your discretion we will then pick up and store your items free of charge. We also will prepare an auction catalog, photograph high interest items and begin promoting and advertising. In cases where you do not have enough to fill a single auction we can combine it with others. This diversification broadens audience appeal for all our buyers and provides you with a larger and more interested group of train enthusiasts.

The Train Collectors Association was founded to preserve and promote the history and joy of collecting and operating toy trains. The Desert Division auction committee looks forward to helping you get established in the hobby of toy trains, add to your existing collection, or help members or their families when the time to sell trains is upon them.
How can we help you?


Need more information? Contact our Auction Chairman.

Chris Allen - Auction Chairman of the Desert Division

To download our Auction Consignment Form - Click Here!


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