Gerry Klei's model of St. Peter's Basilica.

It's not a train or a train layout but it's pretty awesome anyway!

Gerry usually constructs fantastic Meccano toys which are made from metal similar to Glibert Erector sets. However, when he discovered this model kit of St. Peter's made from paper and cardboard he decided to give it a try. It's a Schreiber-Bogen kit made in Germany and is 1:400 scale.

Gerry's Model of St. Peter's Basilica
It measures: 45" L x 22" W x 15" H
The real St. Peter's in Rome.
The church is 450 ft high to the top of the cross.

At 1:400 scale, the model would most closely match an “N” scale layout which is 1:450 scale. To scale this model to an “O” gauge layout, it would need to be 30ft (L) x 15ft (W) x 9ft (H). Any takers?  Just think, you could be running your Lionel Hudson past St. Peter’s Basilica.
What a sight that would be.

Gerry Klei with his St. Peter's Basilica

 Gerry said that the first task in tackling this project was using his computer to get translations of the German instructions into English.  After that it was scissors, razor blades, Elmers glue,
patience and a steady hand to complete the daunting task.

Scroll through the photos below and marvel at the detail in the St. Peter's model.
Take a look at how many columns are surrounding St. Peter's square and how tedious the task must have been in creating each column and then gluing them in place.
Kudos to Gerry on a job well done.

Is it Rome or is it Scottsdale?




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